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Everything You Need to Know about Fire Damage Restoration in Brooklyn, NY

If you have had a recent fire in your home or business and want the damage repaired as quickly as possible, look no further for help! At Water Damage NY, we are experienced, knowledgeable professionals equipped to handle all kinds of fire damage at your home or business. We are also prepared to handle water damage, which may be necessary if large amounts of water were used to put out the fire. We aim to help you learn more about fire damage and restoration so you can navigate this experience smoothly and stress free. If you have never had to handle any kind of fire damage before, we hope the information listed here will be helpful in knowing what process lies ahead. You can also contact us if you have further questions about fire damage or the services we offer.

Categories of Fire Damage

There are several different ways that fire damage is categorized and knowing what they are will help you to know what services you need, how long the restoration will take, and how much the process will cost. The most common types of fires in the US are kitchen fires, heater fires, electrical fires, and smoke fires (fires caused by cigarettes). Each different fire will mean a different process in terms of repairs, restorations, and insurance claims.

Types of Fire Damage

There are three main types of fire damage: flame damage, smoke damage, and third-party damage. The first two are self-evident; flame damage refers to the parts of your home or business that were damaged or burned by the flames. There are a few different types of flame damage depending on the type of fire and what caused it. An electrical fire will cause a different type of damage than that caused by a naked flame, such as that from a candle or match. The second type of damage, smoke damage, refers to the odors or discoloration left by smoke. The third type, third-party damage, includes other damage that occurs because of the fire. Firemen can use water or chemicals to douse the fire which may cause further damages, and holes or cracks left in your walls or roof can lead to leaks and floods. A fire at your property can lead to a variety of other complications, which may necessitate different restoration services.

Classes of Fire Damage

There are six classes of fire damage (A-F), which are classified based on the materials that were burned (solids, liquids, gases, combustible metals, electrical elements, and oils and fats). Different types of materials will result in varying degrees of damage. For example, oils and fats that are burned will cause much hotter fires and more damage. Electrical fires tend to be harder to put out and may cause more fires later, which will lead to more damage. It is important to find a professional who is aware of these differences and does not treat all fires the same.

Fire Damage for Insurance Purposes

You may be worried about the cost for repairs. Where your insurance is concerned, there are only two types of fire damage: primary fire damage (damage caused by the flames) and secondary fire damage (damage caused by smoke or exposure to the elements because of other destruction to your property because of the fire.) Knowing these differences will help you when making a report to your insurance company so you can get as much financial assistance as possible.

Repairing The Damage

Minimize Further Damage

The first step in addressing any fire damage is to prevent further damages. The fire department will help you prevent any fires from catching again while the restoration process is going on. Between the fire department and the professionals on our team, we will block off unsafe areas, put up tarps to protect your home or business from the elements, and make sure nothing else will ignite. It is possible that you will have to find other accommodations – we will let you know if your residence is safe to live in during the restoration.

Remove Waste, Debris, and Soot

After working with the fire department to determine the security of your home or business and protecting the property from further damage, our fire damage restoration experts will remove waste and debris and clean away soot. Some flooring, carpets, walls, and furniture may be beyond saving and will need to be disposed of. It is also important to clean away soot to prevent odors and stains in your home or business.

Water Removal and Sanitation

During this step of the process, we will follow our standard procedure for water damage restoration (see our water damage restoration service page for more information). To summarize, we will use specialized equipment to remove water used to douse the fire and dry out the affected areas, remove damaged materials (floors, walls, carpets, etc.), clean and sanitize to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold, monitor the property for some time, and reinstalling the floors, walls, and other interior elements. We are experts in water damage restoration as well as fire damage; rest assured that this step will go as smoothly as the rest of your fire damage restoration.


Lastly, it will be time to restore your home or business to its former state. This will involve reinstalling flooring, walls, and other elements of your property’s interior. At Water Damage NY, we are equipped to handle such restorations, but depending on the level of damage, you may need to hire a contractor as well. You might also want to consult a third party if some of your flooring is undamaged, and you need to replace a section with the same tiles or panels. You will want to go to a business with a large selection so you can find flooring that matches.

Why We Are The Best

Having a fire gone wrong in your home or business can be a traumatic event, and we are here to help you through this time. We strive to provide quality services at an affordable price and want you to know that you are working with professionals you can trust. When it comes to fire damage, the most important thing is that you and those who live or work on your property are safe. Call us for a free estimate and to get started on your restoration today!