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10 Steps of Fire Damage Clean Up By Experts in Roslyn Harbor, NY

Experiencing a fire is devastating. As you watch the fire trucks drive away from your property, you know it’s just the beginning of the fire damage clean up. An overwhelming sense of shock, grief and stress comes over you. The property has fire, smoke and water damage. The fire damage restoration plus the thought of having to deal with the insurance company and file a claim is enough to stress you out completely. 

House with Fire Damage

Let a Professional Fire Restoration Service Take Some Stress Away from Post Fire Damage Clean Up

Water Damage NY is a locally recommended fire damage restoration team of technicians in Roslyn Harbor, NY. They take pride in being recognized as industry leaders in fire damage clean up, by working diligently until occupants can return to a safe, clean and restored dwelling.

Water Damage NY holds official certifications for fire damage, water damage, mold, construction, lead abatement and asbestos removal. The team consistently receives positive customer reviews because of their honest, affordable rates and superior services in Nassau County. For emergency response, contact Water Damage NY and highly trained and certified technicians will arrive at your location ready to offer assistance.

Step 1: Inspection and Fire Damage Assessment

Water Damage NY will inspect the property to determine the extent of the fire damage. This step determines how far the fire, smoke and soot traveled and whether walls, furniture and other contents were affected. The extent of the damage Water Damage NY to devise a restoration plan, provide an accurate damage estimate.

Step 2: Fire Damage Insurance Claim With Help From Water Damage NY

The Water Damage NY team will work directly with your insurance company to allow for more efficient and convenient claims processing. Their certified estimators will inspect fire damage with state-of-the-art equipment and create an accurate estimate for damage restoration using specialized software. The estimate will be presented to the insurance claim adjuster and a bill will be sent directly to your insurance company. Water Damage NY will handle the paperwork to help speed up your insurance claims processing. 

Step 3: Debris and Soot Removal

To begin the fire damage restoration process, all debris and soot must be removed from the premises. You see, soot and smoke can actually cause damage even after the fire has been extinguished. Water Damage NY uses special fire damage clean up equipment and techniques to remove smoke and soot from all surfaces affected by the fire including walls, ceilings and other fire damaged structures. Water Damage NY will work diligently to clean up and get your property back to normal.

Step 4: Fire Odor and Smoke Removal

During a fire, smoke can infiltrate into all areas of the home, even rooms that were not directly impacted by the initial fire. Water Damage NY can help with the removal of smoke and odor. The team will assess the salvageable materials wherever possible.

Smoke damage restoration services include:

During fire damage restoration, Water Damage NY removes odors that linger from residual smoke. In addition to areas directly affected by the fire, most carpet and upholstery throughout the home will need professional cleaning.

Step 5: Board-up services

Fire damage can often damage walls, roofs and windows and leave gaping holes. For security purposes and to avoid any potential leaks at your fire damaged home or commercial location, Water Damage NY will board up missing walls, doors and windows and place a tarp on the roof if necessary. Boarding helps to avoid any further damage.

Step 6: Fire Department Water Removal

It’s no secret that a fire department will use as much hose water as possible to extinguish a fire. That’s good news to put out the fire but bad news when it comes to deluging the contents of the structure that are now soaking wet. You can imagine that there is a large amount of standing water that is left behind. The excess water can soak into walls, flooring, subflooring, carpeting and carpet padding. It is important for a fire damage restoration company like Water Damage NY to remove the water prior to inspecting and beginning the fire damage clean up. Powerful equipment will be brought in to remove the standing water and perform a thorough drying process.

Step 7: Pack-Out and Pack-Back Services For Contents

A pack-out and pack-back service allows documenting and removing contents from a home or business location affected by a fire in Roslyn Harbor, NY. Water Damage NY will store those contents in a secure location and upon restoration completion, will return the contents back to your premises. 

Step 8: Ultrasonic Cleaning of Fire Damaged Contents

If the home, office or building in Nassau County received extensive damage, some damaged contents can be cleaned while still at the location or taken away to be cleaned and stored. Water Damage NY is highly trained to use efficient cleaning techniques to remove fire odor and restore contents to as close to original condition as possible.

Step 9: Documenting Unsalvageable Contents

Fire damage cleanup includes the removal of damaged contents and the immediate disposal of unsalvageable items. Most often, furniture, carpeting and other household contents are too badly damaged to restore so they are considered losses. The experts at Water Damage NY will help you determine what can be cleaned and repaired and what is better discarded.

Step 10: Construction Services

Water Damage NY also provides post fire construction services in Roslyn Harbor, NY. These services include boarding up, tarping, tree removal, debris removal, building repairs, roof repairs, shingle replacement and more. The Water Damage NY works intently to restore a fire or water damaged home, office or commercial location to living and working condition so the occupants can resume their occupancy.

Great Service Plus Outstanding Results Equals Countless Positive Customer Reviews

The team at Water Damage NY treats each fire affected customer with compassion during a most difficult time. Using state-of-the-art equipment and arriving at a fire location with a quick arrival time in Roslyn Harbor, NY is part of the emergency service, available 24 hours, 7 days a week. The Water Damage NY staff in the office or out in the field provides outstanding customer service and communication to answer questions and provide assistance when called upon. 

Water Damage NY is Standing By to Provide Fire Damage Clean Up in Roslyn Harbor, NY

Water Damage NY technicians will arrive at every fire site in Nassau County, fully equipped to complete fire damage clean up. Safety is a number one priority for all clients so a plan is devised and state of the art equipment is used. Water Damage NY takes pride in getting each job done efficiently and satisfaction is always guaranteed.

If you’re trying to figure out what’s next after your home, office or commercial building experienced a fire, call 718-500-6000 or visit https://www.waterdamage-ny.com/ today. Let Water Damage NY help get you through this difficult time by performing fire damage restoration Roslyn Harbor.

Some information about Roslyn Harbor, NY

Roslyn Harbor is a village in Nassau County, on the North Shore of Long Island, in New York, United States. It is considered part of the Greater Roslyn area, which is anchored by the Incorporated Village of Roslyn. The population was 1,051 at the 2010 census.

Roslyn Harbor incorporated as a village on October 17, 1931 as a result of the residents wishing to make their own zoning codes and other laws under the Municipal Home Rule Law. At the time, the majority of Roslyn Harbor consisted of a few large estates.

The ‘Roslyn’ part of Roslyn Harbor’s name is shared with Roslyn, Roslyn Estates, and Roslyn Heights, and ultimately can be traced back to when the name ‘Roslyn’ was chosen for that village, which was chosen because the geography in Roslyn reminded officials of the geography of Roslin, Scotland. The ‘Harbor’ part of the name reflects its proximity to Hempstead Harbor. The name was chosen during the incorporation movement.

An earlier proposed name was Roslyn Hills, due to its hilly location, proximity to Roslyn, and because the Long Island Rail Road advertised the area as the ‘Switzerland of Long Island.’ The ‘Hills’ was substituted with ‘Harbor’ after concerns were expressed that it could be mixed up with Roslyn Heights.

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